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David Rudisha

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David Rudisha, world record holder and the 2012 and 2016 Olympic champion in the 800m, spent an hour answering fans’ questions on the @Oregon14WJC twitter account in July 2014 in the lead up to the World Junior Championships in Oregon.

At the time, David was coming back from injury and preparing to run in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.


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David Rudisha @rudishadavid in the Track Town house with us for the next hour!

DR: It’s now 8 yrs since I won my WJ title in Beijing!

DR: Didn't think it would take just 5 years before junior and senior titles. Thought my body would take longer but I had enough talent to handle seniors while I was still a junior.

In optimum form, what times do you reckon you could post at 400m and 1500m?
DR: In the 400m, I think, I can go 44 seconds, in the 1500m I have feeling I can do 3:36 or thereabout.

What do you think about when the bell rings with one lap to go?
DR: There is a different feeling at the bell, that's where I try to engage a different gear for the 3rd 200m.

What is your usual day before meet workout?

DR: I do 4x400+3x300 in 55,54,53,52 sec and 39,38,36 sec, respectively.

What's your mileage in season? How much mileage do you a week and are you a believer in cross training?
DR: I do 60-70 mi per week of proper training, exclusive of easy and warm-up jogging.

XC running is good in the preparation process. I ran 4 km races when they had this event for juniors.

What is his favourite sport outside athletics? And his favourite sportsmen?

DR: I love watching football! I support @Arsenal in the EPL.

How is Germany after their win at the football World Cup?

DR: It's overwhelming in GER after the World Cup win! We went out to the city with friends and I bought a hat.

For those who are struggling with motivation, what advice can you give?

DR: Running is a career, you have to be focused, determined, work hard. Nothing is easy try to enjoy it, even though it's tough, But for sure it's a lot of fun.

What have you learned about yourself on your journey back from injury? How do you handle disappointment?
DR: There are always disappointments, you just have to be aware of that. I try to stay with the right people like family, friends, coach. And stay patient and motivated.

What was your 800m pb when you were 15?

DR: I was running 200/400 when I was 15. Ran my first 800m at 16 y.o. It was 1:50, that's when I discovered this event!

How long before a race do you eat, and what is it usually?

DR: I eat at least 4 hrs before the race. Should be a light and easily digestible meal: rice, chicken or pasta.

If ugali does not exist what would you eat ?

DR: I like rice and beef,chicken too as an option, if there's no ugali.

What would your job be if you weren't an athlete?

DR: I'm yet do determine my occupation. I quit school after form 4, but I'll pursue studies after I retire.

When is Rudisha stadium coming up we already have kipchoge!
Lornah Kiplagat and Geoffrey Mutai have their training centers in Kenya. Are you planning to open one at some point?

DR: I'd love to set up a training center or stadium as a way of giving back to the community but after I retire, with the support of people around, who love sports.

How many hours, on average, do you sleep a night?

DR: Rest is important for any athlete, it's a part of the curriculum. I sleep 7-8 hours per  night, at least.

Was it prudent to participate in Monaco so close to.Glasgow. Burnout.

DR: I'm happy with my Monaco race. I reached my goal of hitting 1:42. Looking forward to the CWG!

What do you learn most from the race you lost?

IDR:  learn more from losing than winning, It reminds me I'm not the best and need to do something to improve.

Do you think your 800 speed would allow you to break 1500/Mile WR's?  #SebCoe did it!

DR: Don't think I could break 1500m/mile WR with my 800m speed and training. Every distance is different and needs rhythm and proper training. And talent, of course.

How is your fitness at this point in the outdoor season? What have been the biggest struggles since the injury? Please assess recovery from injury vs return to form. Injury completely healed? Pleased w/comp results so far?

DR: I still feel very mild pain when I'm doing a really tough session, but my fitness is back since I ran 1:42. Now need to find right balance of huddling races. Almost at my best now.

Take us back to London when you won 800m gold world-record time. What do you remember most about that race?

DR: London 2012 was the greatest moment in my career. Great joy to cross that line in first place. Winning and breaking the World Record was an incredible feeling!

Where in the world do you like running the most?

DR: I love London, I love the Olympic Stadium there too.

Which three 800m runners, past or present, would you most like to race against?

DR: I would have loved to race @sebcoe and @kipketer8. And the upcoming juniors!

In which country you have never run, you would like to race in the future ?

DR: I've never been to South America, would love to be there in Rio for the 2016 Olympics.

Do you consider doing a marathon at some point in the future?

DR: Marathon is too long, too far from my event. I'm more of a 400m/800m guy, but I might do one for fun.

If I did not manage to go to WJC14 is my career over? What must I do to make sure I make it in athletics?

DR: As an athlete, it's important to stay motivated. I missed WYCH 2005 in Marrakech, but had to focus for the next event and prepare to be better next time.


DR: I enjoyed answering all your questions! It was a lot of fun!

DR: Thanks so much for your support! We appreciate your concern. Be blessed and thanks a million!


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