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Nic Bideau Training Links

"The first thing is belief in yourself. I don’t doubt my own plans. I always expect them to work out. From there coaching is a relationship situation and no matter how much you know there are going to be some people you will not connect with in a meaningful way. Once you’re able to connect with an athlete they are provided with certain expectations that are associated with our group - our brand if you like. And as people realize they can fulfill these expectations their confidence and belief in themselves grows."

from "Coaching Middle and Long Distance Runners: A Commentary"
Modern Athlete and Coach, Volume 44, Number 3, July 2006
"The key Lydiard principle of maintaining continuous pressure on your heart for long steady periods of aerobic activity builds a fantastic aerobic fitness base and it is aerobic fitness that is a key factor in the success of athletes in all events from 800m upwards. I’m often challenged on the importance of these long runs for 800m runners. Some athletes have even suggested to me that they are damaging, but I have no doubt they are relevant."