Life Members

The Club's Life Members are those people who have contributed to the fabric of our Club over many years. In large part, these people are responsible for the strong, vibrant organisation that Glenhuntly Athletics has been for over 90 years, and will continue to be for many more.

Life Members 1921 - 1979

1927Alf Hunt*
1929Martin Gardiner*
1931Charlie Sypott*
 Bill Ryan*
1932Robert Davis*
 Alan Wallace*
 Horrie Duncan*
 Reg Hall*
1941Doris Davis*
 Pearle Duncan*
1949May Duncan*
 Flora Hyams*
 Alice Smith*
1952Royce Foley*
1953Elsie Henson*
 A.A. (Gus) Theobald B.E.M.*
1962E.J. (Ted) Jenkins*
1964Peter Colthup O.A.M.*
1966Brenda Carr (Jones)
 Don Carr*
1967Keith Lyons*
 Betty Tainton
1969Carole Haberle
 Daisy Irwin-Drew
 Trevor Vincent O.A.M.
1971Anthony Cook
1972Ronald Clarke M.B.E.*
 Dot Neal
1973Lawrie Peckham
 Lynne Varley
1976Ian Sivell
1977Hugh Wilson
1978C. (Bill) Coupe*
 Elsie Scott*
1979Donald Elliot*

Life Members 1980 - 2015

1980Max Binnington
 Pam Noden
1981Patrick Clohessy A.M.
1983Philip Hutton
1984Kevin McNaught*
1985Hans Meiselbach*
1987Greg Ellis
1989Margaret Dunbar
1990Peter Buller
1993Eileen Watt O.A.M.*
1994Tony Doran
1995Judi Griffin
 Bernadette McGrath
 Fran MacNeill
1997Alan Irwin
1998Chris Wardlaw
2000Lorraine Morgan O.A.M.
2004Doug Adeney
2005Chris Murphy
2010Kevin Dynan
2011Lesley Grimes
2013Tony Wilson
2014Len Johnson
2015Maureen Austin
2016Peter Cuttler
 Julian Paynter
 Bob Welsh
 Greg Varigos
 2017 Jeff Lang